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Friday, October 12, 2007

NCOC 2007 announcements


Date : 20th October 2007, Saturday
Time : 0830hrs (8.30am)
Venue : Hall, Level 3,
St John National Headquarters,
420 Beach Road, Singapore 199582

Reporting Attire :
Full Brigade Uniform with beret and without rank slides and proficiency badges (only Total Defence / Bronze Foot Drill Instructor badges are allowed)

Items to bring along :

1. Writing Materials (Including foolscap paper)
2. One SJAB based T-shirt
3. Notes for the Course Day 1 available at from the 17th
of October onwards.
4. Money to acquire lunch at an external eatery in the vicinity of St. John
Ambulance Headquarters
5. 1.5 l Water bottles

Miscellaneous Instructions:

1. Be punctual for the course day. If unable to either attend the course day or
to report for the course day at the above-mentioned time, kindly inform he
Duty Officer by calling the DO Hotline either prior or within the 1st half
hour after the commencement of the course day.

2. If trainees’ Next-of-Kin would like to get in touch with the trainee during
the Course, kindly contact the trainee through the Duty Officer by calling
eh DO St. John Hotline

3. DO Hotline Number: (will be release by your corp teachers)
Operating hours: Fri, eve of Course Day, 0800 hours to
Sun, Course Day, 2359 hours

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