Final Countdown


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Been surfing throught the NCOC 2007 platoon blogs. Came across a line at Redbulls (Platoon 6) that i finds super duper interesting...

Especially this sentence...

"I want to see all of you pass out from NCOC course and NOT pass out in the parade square."

Good one.

All the trainees are supposed to Pass out from NCOC, and not in the parade square.

3 more days!

Monday, November 26, 2007

NCO Course Passing Out Parade

The NCO Course 2007 Passing Out Parade will be held as follows:

Sat, 1st Dec 2007

1400 hours

MacPherson Secondary School

Drill Order (bring along full uniform without ranks or badges)

The Ten Instructions to trainees:
(1) Have sufficient sleep at night on 30th Nov 2007.
(2) Drink sufficient water at night on 30th Nov 2007.
(3) Have enough food before reporting on 1st Dec 2007.
(4) Report to ZSM Simon Ow at MacPherson Secondary School Hall by 1400 hours on 1st Dec 2007 with a 1.5-litre water bottle filled to the brim with drinking water.
(5) Before reporting to the hall, deposit your belongings in the classrooms at level 1, opposite the flag poles. Bring along only your water bottles. Leave your valuables in your bags. Our friendly instructors will be there to assist you.
(6) Ensure you bring along all required uniform accessories, including your own name tags.
(8) Latecomers will not be allowed to join the Parade.
(9) Bring along enough tissue paper if you cry easily.
(10) If you were alert enough, you would have realised that I missed the number 7.
(11) Have a nice day.

By Order
NCO Course 2007

Bonkers instructors (Part IV)

Other.. other instructors going bonkers...

As i had mention,blue is in style...

Make a guess!!!

Guess who that instructor is!!!

Come on... Guess....

Cannot guess??

Think again!!!

Give up???

Okie... here goes...

It's none other than your...



Thursday, November 22, 2007

NCOC Hike pictures (Part I)

Guess, who's shoes are these??

These happen towards the end of the hike...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bonker Instructors (Part III)

whee~ let mi join in the fun too
Does the photo look like he wearing a "Ballet" costume??

it's a joke, LAUGH!!


it's nt funny.. but, continue, LAUGH

is it my size?? i guess nt..

what's so nice wearing this.. let us try

nt bad lei..


i'm TIRED!!!

make a guess, whose hand is this?? =)

Bonkers instructors (Part II)

Alright... here's what i got on your CI....

There he is... the beloved, loveable, cute "its-a-joke-laugh" CI. This was taken way after the day course ended.

And as our dearest CI was packing up the room, climbing up and down...

He discovered some pink face towel!! (There's a funny story about pink colour, but it's only for the instructors to know...)

And one of the PC, Chuan Teng, suddenly had a great idea...

And hence... our CI became....




And here's the LPRH thinking... "Stop touching me!!!"

ANd the final output??

Pretty huh??

In the end, he got so fed up with my camera, that he resort to doing this...

"Errr... Mr CI, you looking for money har??"



The story told in this post is not completely true.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Best wishes

Congraduations to all those who had passed their NCOC Theory Exams.

And JIA YOU (add oil) to all those who have to sit for their supplementry papers.

Remember to study for it!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Bonkers instructors (Part I)

Alright. I know you all readers are dying to see the photos of the instructors going bonkers...

Here's a couple of them...

Let's start with the Course Chairman...

I dunno, but suddenly, everyone is interested in blue singlets...

The triple S, "Sir Stamford Sarizan" of zone 3 posing... Errr... his arms are in the wrong position...

CC, SSS being cute... Opps...

Outstanding pose!!

Up next, your lovable, cute, beloved, CI.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Hiking Photos

Finally found the time to load some photos..

The Privileged Platoon to Take Photo with Chairman..

The PS: Pretty Sergeants..

And 1 PT: Pretty Trainee..

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Okie, ladies and gentlemen, here's a little triller for you.

You wanna know the backstage work in planning this NCOC? How late the meetings wents?

Or you simply want to the know craziness of all the instructors, what we did behind closed doors that you can never seen during couse days or what you can never imagine?

Well, simply stay tuned to this website, and we will upload the crazy photos bit by bit into this zone blog.

STAY TUNED, fellows.

By the way, you all are OUTSTANDING in the course.

Remember the motto:

To overcome, to LEAD!!!, not leak, not eat.

NCOC Camp Pictures Part IV (Field Cooking)

Once you see this, you will know that everyone's getting hungry, and everyone's not getting enough food...

Ahhh... yes... the most exciting parting of the whole "makan" session in the camp... The Field Cooking!!

Highlight of the day... Scrambled eggs cooked in errr.... onion?!?!?!

A generous trainee giving away food...

And giving away more food...

And yet more food...

And yet more food.....

Phew... no wonder the rest are all hungry...

And when the rest are hungry, the officers cook something for them... Here's our chef, cooking boiled eggs...

Here's a trainee looking so happy, just because he got one of the highly prized boiled egg!!

The highlight of the day is when our famous reowned master chef, Mr CK, started cooking, and let the trainees have a taste of his masterpiece, field cooked rice,

And the reaction of the first person to sample his masterpiece gave this reaction...
"Simply too good for words!!!"

And everyone wanted a taste of CK's rice...

I guess, CK's now famous for his rice liao huh??

And after the fun, it's the clearing up.

so next time, if you are feeling bored and hungry, you can try field cooking (at home). Just don't burn the house down.