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Monday, March 10, 2008

FA competitions announcements

There would be a briefing day for all competitors, stewards and helpers.Please take note of the following details.

Date : 15 March 2008 (Saturday)
Venue : St John Headquarters Hall (Level 3)
Time : 9.30am to 1.00pm
Attire : Full school uniform

Please be punctual in order to facilitate the registration process.

Registration and Admin Matters for Competition Teams

1000 onwards
Briefing for Competitors

1100 onwards
Briefing for Stewards and Helpers (Cadets)

You would be required to bring along the following.

1. Packed first aid kits ( 1 kit per team registered).
Items to be placed in the first aid kits attached in this email.

2. ORIGINAL COPIES of EZLINK Card / ID Cards (for each team member and reserve)

3. ORIGINAL COPIES of Valid First Aid Certificates (for each team member and reserve)

4. 2 seperate documents to be handed in at the time of your registration.
Document 1: Identification (Duplicated) for team members
Document 2: First Aid Certication f(Duplicated) for team members
Sample Templates for each form attached in this email.

5. Payment for each team.
Please pay $3 per member for team member's meal and $1 for face shield (Total $25).

The FULL competition team (4 Members + Reserve) is required to be around at the point of registration (from 0930 onwards). Any absentees in the team must be of valid reason.

Helpers and Stewards are only required to reach NHQ at around 1030 in order to facilitate attendence taking. The briefing for this group of people would start at 1100.

For teams without a valid First Aid Certificate (eg. AFA for AA and AC category, BFA for AC and NC category) but have participated in the First Aid Examinations held by Zone 3 on 1 March 2008 or 8 March 2008, kindly reply me by 1200hrs on 8 March 2008. I would check with Miss Qizhi on whether your competition team members have passed in the exams.I would get Miss Qizhi to certify that the competition team members have attained the required standard. For teams with this kind of situation, you are to bring along the ORIGINAL copy of the last first aid certificate achieved as well.

The attendence of the competitors, stewards and helpers are compulsory.This briefing would be important as details of the competition day would be provided.

Thank you for your attention.

Tan Jian Lin (Mr)
Corp Staff Officer Grade 5
Z3 FA Competition 2008 - Admin Officer

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