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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Changes to this blog

Dear all:

After some thinkings and some discussions with some people sometime back, we had decided to change this blog.

This will no longer be the SJAB Zone 3 NCOC blog.

This will become the SJAB Zone 3 Blog.

This is done to cater all the events, duties, celebrations, outings, courses, examinations etc etc, whom the schools or the members wish to share with all the others in the zone, to provide an "alternative" and fun way to share news, gossips, pictures as well as a publicity for our zone.

This is also to allow our ex-members to update themselve with the activities from Zone 3.

As such, the blog address has been changed to

However, this blog is still moderated by some officers to see that deframetory remarks are not posted.

If you are interest to post something on this blog, please sent in your contents and your pictures / video, to me, and i will post your articles shortly.

Thank you
Simon Ow

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