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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Zone 3 City Quest 2007

Short talk.

Anyone wants a copy of all the photos, please e mail me a request. One per school.

Zone 3 City Quest 2007.

This idea was evolved eariler in this year from a couple of zone 3 officers, Eileen Goh and Qizhi over a duty at a historical site.

The preparation works in process...

Guess who wrapped the hampers (badly).

Come Saturday. Early Sat morning...

Opps!!! Someone's not looking at the camera

Someone's too...

Someone three...

Okie, okie, i specialise in taking candid shots...

After a short welcome speech by our Zone Commissiomer, the horn was sound to signal the start of the race.

First task was the "most difficult" of all....

Yes... Eating Bananas.

Hey!!! where's my banana???? I want my banana!!!!

You may think : "wah... eat Bananas only mah, where got difficult??" but looking at this fellow's face, it's not simple at all!!!
You can have your banana and eat it too!!!

And the race started.

Some teams took their items and rushed off immediate, while other teams sit down, and start planning... Planning their strategy. Working out the best route.

And some umpires got too engrossed in planning their strategies till this happens...

while others, desperate for answers called others up for information.

And once all the planning are done, it's time for action!!
Opps... the lift is not big enough!!!

Here's the scene during the Quest...

Looking at the members happily posting for photos, Derek and me decided to do the same...

In the end, we trooped over to the "central" check point and wait for the teams to arrive.

Over at the bridge where we were, they were supposed to tied up their shoe laces to their neighbour and walk across the bridge, singing, "London Bridge is falling down".

In the end, Derek and me came to a conclusion.

Untying shoe laces took a lot more time than tying shoe laces... much much more time... What happened to the reef knot that they know??

Hmmm... so, undoing something is much more difficult that doing something...

So, think before you do anything. (WOW!!!! WOW = Words Of Wisdom)

Finally, its time to go back to 199582!!!

for some Ice-cream!!!

And play with the dry ice....

And Finally, the speech

And the prize presentation.

1) The umpires

2) the consolation prizes

3) The third prize!!!
Team from Anderson Secondary!!!

4) The SECOND prize!!!
Hwee Peng's team from First Toa Payoh Sec!!


For the photo frame contest, the cutest photo frame goes to the....

while the best photo frame goes to....

It's indeed a happy Saturday, and everyone went back with something.

Dear officers and members, if you wish to have an article and your pictures publish in this zone 3 blog, please sent in your articles and pictures to

Thanks to the organising committee of this City Quest 2007. This event is an successful event!

Articles from Simon Ow

Pictures from Simon Ow, Hwee Peng and Derek Tan.

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