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Monday, November 26, 2007

NCO Course Passing Out Parade

The NCO Course 2007 Passing Out Parade will be held as follows:

Sat, 1st Dec 2007

1400 hours

MacPherson Secondary School

Drill Order (bring along full uniform without ranks or badges)

The Ten Instructions to trainees:
(1) Have sufficient sleep at night on 30th Nov 2007.
(2) Drink sufficient water at night on 30th Nov 2007.
(3) Have enough food before reporting on 1st Dec 2007.
(4) Report to ZSM Simon Ow at MacPherson Secondary School Hall by 1400 hours on 1st Dec 2007 with a 1.5-litre water bottle filled to the brim with drinking water.
(5) Before reporting to the hall, deposit your belongings in the classrooms at level 1, opposite the flag poles. Bring along only your water bottles. Leave your valuables in your bags. Our friendly instructors will be there to assist you.
(6) Ensure you bring along all required uniform accessories, including your own name tags.
(8) Latecomers will not be allowed to join the Parade.
(9) Bring along enough tissue paper if you cry easily.
(10) If you were alert enough, you would have realised that I missed the number 7.
(11) Have a nice day.

By Order
NCO Course 2007

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