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Thursday, November 1, 2007

NCOC Camp Kit list

St John Ambulance Brigade, Zone 3
Non-Commissioned Officers Course 2007
Camper Kit List

1. Clothes sufficient for FOUR training days

a. T-Shirts (either school, Corp t-shirts or plain white round neck t-shirts)
b. One dark coloured t-shirt
c. Shorts / Track Pants (either Corp training short or black shorts with no /
minimal design i.e. strips)
d. Undergarments as required
e. Drill Order (i.e. nametag, beret)
f. Windbreaker / Jacket (optional)
g. Poncho

2. Footwear
a. Track shoes / School physical activity shoes
b. Slippers / Sandals (for bathing time)
c. Boots (to be polished)
d. Socks (White AND Black normal length socks i.e. no ankle length sock or
soccer socks)

3. Toiletries
a. Required items for 4 day residential camp (no electrical items allowed)

4. Writing Materials
a. Pen / Pencil
b. Foolscap paper
c. Homework
d. Necessary project materials

5. Miscellaneous
a. EZ link card with at least $5 value / bus concession pass
b. Torchlight with batteries
c. Cutleries (fork and spoon)
d. Small plastic mug (green in colour)
e. Student pass
f. Personal insect repellent
g. Sleeping Bag (optional)
h. Personal medication (as required)
i. 1.5 Litre water bottle x 2
j. Full Field Cooking Set (ALTC only)
a. Mess Tins
b. Tommy Stove
c. One packet of solid fuel
k. Rags (at least one per trainees and to be discarded after camp)

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